كُلّما عرِفت، عرفتُ انني لا اعرِف.
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Fatima Zahrae
Moroccan ∞
I bear witness there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad peace be upon him is his final messenger.
Seek Knowledge From the Cradle to the Grave


it’s that “don’t you get hot in that?” time of the year 

You will be with who you love.
- Prophet Muhammed (via hadeiadel)
إذا رايـــت نيوبَ الليــث بارزة فلا تظنـــن انّ الليــث يبتســم
If you can see the lion’s teeth, do not think that the lion is smiling
- Al-Mutanabbi


Allah, I ask that you protect my heart from becoming bitter, cold, and chronically disappointed. Replace my fears & hesitation with optimism &  hope that someday I will become whole again.


The most beautiful thing

is that He knows

what you are about to tell Him

and yet

He still listens.

عظيم ان تصنع الف صديق فى عام
ولكن الاعظم .. ان تصنع صديق لألف عام

Its great when you make thousands of friends each year,
But whats even greater is when you make a friend that can last for a thousand years.

- Arabic proverb (via for-the-lovee-of-god)